ASP.NET Training

Microsoft Active Server Page(ASP) is a server side programming language.

The ASP.Net (Dot Net) Training includes all the basic and advance level topics required to build web applications in a live Project environment using C#. The project training courses in the field of .Net programming will make the students capable of designing and developing websites in a more interactive and professional manner.

ASP.NET Training - Rain Infotech

ASP.NET is more than next version of ASP. ASP.NET is a development framework which is build up by Microsoft to building web sites, Web Application, Web Services with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and server scripting. It provides very rich large platform and a comprehensive infrastructure including greatest protection for creation of scalable and stable robust web application for PC as well as mobile devices. Students can change their career by selecting technology for live project. ASP.NET language independent which means you can use any programming language which is supported by .NET framework.

Developer use web forms or XML web services for creation of web pages. ASP.NET has an in-built web form controls, which are responsible for generating a user interface site, not only this you are free to create your own user controls. One of the best advantages of ASP.NET is XML – Based configuration files, which means configuration setting in ASP.NET are stored in XML files that you or other developer can easily read and manipulate or edit. Both web forms and XML web services supported by .NET infrastructure that allow you to use authentication schemes, cache frequently used data or customize your application’s configuration.

Collaboration of .Net skills with other languages

You will be further allowed to learn differences between the framework of Asp.Net and .Net language coding so that you can become a better and much sought after programmer. Compatibility of the .Net language with those of the Visual Basic, Java, C and C+ will be also taught by the experts so that candidates are better tuned to multi-tasking features of this brilliant language.Asp.Net project training students will definitely like to make use of the language in creating Active Server Pages or ASP and other web based pages that are complicated in nature. You will be now capable of incorporating the .Net skills with the practical knowledge of PHP and Java.

Better UI designing

The students will be further given knowledge and lessons about incorporating the .Net skills in parallel to live projects which will further help them to get a lucrative job deal. On the other hand, UI designing seems to be the most important aspects ofAsp.Net project training and web based application development which will be readily achieved with complete training materials and extensive practical sessions, especially designed for you.